Analog speedometers in chrome-plated housing were made in 1961-76s. They are very fragile and prone to dent. Initial version produced to mid 60s had a blue and white dial. Since 70s – they had a black dial with flags. All of them had a version for mounting at the left side of the wheel.

Speedometer with a black dial is the most common.

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One response to “Chrome-plated bicycle VDO speedometer with a black dial”

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Tomasz, I am Dave (dddd) from BikeForums, you messaged me.
    Your website is interesting, I will look more when I have time later. Very nice collection.
    I bought my VDO chronometer from Ebay ten years ago, the seller thought it was electrical and so didn’t know if it worked or not.
    Here is a link to a photo that I took. Enjoy!
    I keep the chronometer on my 1962 Schwinn bike, I had not thought of selling it but will keep you in mind if I decide I might want to sell it.


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