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    Jul / 2013
    Programming | | 1 Comment
    Visualization of a simple algorithms of two-dimensional Turing machine can create impressive images. The “movement” of the head of Turing machine can be irregular in the early stage, but it start making characteristic patterns after millions of iterations. In this post I will show how to define a table of rules the Turing machine for a simple cellular automaton that is Langton’s ant and sample visualizations of the work of other machines.
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    Jul / 2013
    Programming | | 2 Comments
    Mathematical expressions in the traditional algebraic notation can be calculated using an algorithm RPN (Reverse Polish Notation). In the first part of this article, I will show you how to implement a parser that converts the traditional algebraic form of mathematical expression to the RPN notation. In the second part of article, I will implement an algorithm for calculating the RPN expression and the architecture which allows for easy extend the the parser to support mathematical custom functions.