Bicycle speedometers in chrome-plated housing were made between 1960 and 76s. Depending on the production date, their construction, equipment, box and finish were different.

It can be distinguished four versions of these speedometers and clocks:

  • 1960 – 1963 Q1. Ability for mounting a light bulb at the back side of the speedometer. The light is powered by a dynamo. Equipped hub drive is made from metal. Box is colorful, appealing to the interests of young cyclists
  • 1963 Q2 – 1967. No possibility of mounting the bulb. Yellow-black box
  • 1968 – 1976. Equipped hub drive is made from plastic. Blue box. There has been significant changes in construction of VDO clock
  • 1970 – 1976. Chrome-plated VDO speedometer with black dial

With chrome-plated finish, this is the most elegant of all bicycle speedometers which were produced by the VDO company.

Box and equipment


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4 responses to “Old bicycle speedometer VDO”

  1. Andre Goncalves says:


    I´m very interest on this product to use on my eletrical vintage bike. it´s coming with the cables? How can I buy it?

    • Tomasz Maciejewski Tomasz Maciejewski says:

      It is my collection’s item. I have a few speedometers in used condition. Please send PM to me.

  2. pierre englebert says:


    I have such an old VDO taco but would like to install it on a folding bike with 20″ wheels.

    Anybody know how to manage with the gear? The original is for a 28″ wheel.



    • Tomasz Maciejewski Tomasz Maciejewski says:

      You have to mount appropriate drive adapter for 20″ wheels. You can see them in my other article.

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