Bosch has produced a series of bicycle headlights called Rotodyn. The following headlight has a chromed body with an integrated mechanical speedometer VDO from 56’s.

Initial state

The headlight was 100% complete, the light and speedometer worked flawlessly. I decided to disassemble it, clean all the parts and polish the chrome with a polishing paste.


The front cover opens on a hinge attached to the body. After removing the reflector, I could clean the glass.

The speedometer is mounted on a spring which presses on the upper part of the lamp. After removing the springs, the speedometer can be removed freely. There are two date stamps: probably date of production (55’) and the date of assembly (56′).

After cleaning

After polishing all the parts and reassembling the finished unit is very nice.



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4 responses to “Bosch Rotodyn bicycle headlight with VDO speedometer”

  1. Billy Casselman says:

    Thank you for the information.  I have one very similar to this yet with Lohmann on the top of the unit as well as on the headlight glass.  Was not sure if it was for a bicycle or moped/scooter.  Only reads as high as 40 mph.

    • Tomasz Maciejewski Tomasz Maciejewski says:

      Lohmann produced also identical lamps with their logo.
      These lamps are specially designed for bicycles. I have papers with these models.

  2. Ramamoorthy says:

    I need one Bosch dinamo with speedometer

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