VDO bicycle clocks and speedometers with a golden dial where produced in the 50s. More information about the charecteristic of speedometers from this period you can read here.

Bicycle speedometers with a golden dial were appeared in two versions: first, with the scale which was aligned to the bottom of semicircle of the dial and the second where scale was aligned to the top. In this post the first model is presented. The second version you can see here (as a part of VDO clock and speedometer combination): bicycle clock and speedometer.

In those years VDO created a lot of advertising and promotional materials for their bicycle accessories. Comics with a young boy called Willi who rode his bicycle with a VDO speedometer, Christmas advertising where the Santa Claus is giving gifts with VDO speedometers and many other such as catalogs, paper bags or pins.

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2 responses to “VDO bicycle speedometer with a golden dial”

  1. mr maximos says:

    what size of wheels in inches does it work with?do you sell ?

    • Tomasz Maciejewski Tomasz Maciejewski says:

      There are VDO drive adapters for common wheels size such like 28 inch and 26.

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