One of the visitors to my blog – from Canada, asked me to complete his VDO speedometer from 50’s for his Schwinn Black Phantom bicycle.  I helped him by providing links and shipping a cable and 26”wheel drive adapter to Canada.

Schwinn Phantom

In 1995 just prior to closing the Chicago factory and moving manufacturing to the Orient to mark the 100th anniversary of the company Schwinn made 5000 Phantoms that were exact replicas of the originals. 4500 were black and red and 500 were green which was also an original colour. The reproduction is so accurate dealers were scrapping the 1995 models to sell the parts for those restoring original bikes.

There is a headlight in the fender, a tail light and in the tank a horn with a button on the side of the tank. The front suspension is sprung and adjustable. It is a coaster brake bike with only 1 speed, balloon tires and a fat saddle for a comfortable ride.

VDO speedometer

When the shipment successfully arrived, I asked for pictures curious how the mounted speedometer looked.

VDO bicycle clock

The set still lacked the matching clock from the 50’s, Barry asked me to help find it. It is very difficult to locate these VDO clocks, finding one in good working condition is a challenge but finally we found it. The speedometer with clock looks really nice.

From author

Thanks Barry for sharing images!


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3 responses to “Schwinn Black Phantom with VDO speedometer”

  1. Barry says:

    The 26″ wheel adapter and cable for my 1957 VDO Speedometer are just as you described. The speedo is now mounted on my Schwinn Phantom and works flawlessly.
    Thank you for the parts, prompt shipping and answers to all my questions.
    Best regards Barry

  2. Vince Male says:

    Good day, what is proper for my 1958 Schwinn Black Phantom?
    VDO speedometer
    VDO clock?
    thank you

    • Tomasz Maciejewski Tomasz Maciejewski says:

      Both : ) Analog speedometer is a good and practical addition to the old bicycle. VDO clocks from 50s are very rare to find them.

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