VDO bicycle clocks in chrome-plated housings were produced in the 1960-70’s. Similar to speedometers the clock face color is blue and white. In comparison to clocks from the 1950s they are more fragile and prone to dents and scratches.

VDO clocks were made in two slightly different versions. On clocks from the early 1960s the knob for setting the time is on the left side of the housing. The original box was more colorful, appealing to the interests of young cyclists. On clocks from the late 1960/70’s the knob is located on the back side and the text “Kienzle” is on the white portion of the dial.

The set displayed is from 1970, the dial is in MPH and was intended for the US market.

Original box from 70’s.


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  1. mack says:

    Hello, do you know where one of these are for sale? I haven’t been able to find anything on line for this blue clock speedometer combo. Thanks, Mack

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